Caroline Rose is a refined and sensitive performer, who has a slight twinkle in her eye showing her cheeky sense of humour.  She is known for her fantastic shimmies and delightful way of engaging the audience as she performs.  Caroline is heavily influenced by several top Egyptian dancers, and regularly travels to Cairo for extensive training with top dancers and choreographers.

Caroline performs a number of styles including Modern Egyptian (you’ll know this as ‘Belly Dance’) as well as a number of folk dances that have specialist props and costumes these include Khaleegy (gulf style), and Meleya Leff (Egyptian Folk dance).  Carolines dazzling sparkly costumes and props are handmade in Egypt by top designers and they cost around £500 each.  Caroline loves dancing with veil, and is often seen in a swirl of colour as she dances with two silk veils at the same time.

Caroline trained in Ballet from age 4 and started belly dance in 1998.  She is now the main teacher at Scotlands National Centre for Dance, and at Edinburgh University African and Arabic Society, where she teaches 5 classes a week.  Caroline also is the guiding light of the Belly Dance Divas dance academy, which offers high level workshops and shows, as well as regularly organises belly dance parties (known as haflas) where students and teachers perform.

On the odd occasion when Caroline is not dancing, she enjoys fine food and wine, or a nice relaxing afternoon tea.  It is just as well that dancing burns a lot of calories!